Fat For My Wedding

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while (ever since the photo above was taken, in fact), but somehow, in the rush and madness of a wedding, throwing out words into the internet ether never seems to get to the top of the list. 

To be fair, though, sometimes it doesn’t seem like we’re really doing this wedding lark quite “properly”. As many relatives have pointed out, we skipped a whole bunch of things you usually expect in favour of things we liked much more. We failed to waltz around in meringues even in practice. We pretty much neither turned into bridezilla and the only hen party we could have claimed ended with 10 year olds dressing us in shower curtains. 

I can’t say that I feel much like a blushing bride either. Never mind that meringue, I bought my shoes last week, haven’t even thought about my hair and make up, and, let’s face it… I don’t think I’m going to lose that extra three stone I put on overnight. 
But the thing that made me write this post is the photo above. When I saw that photo (taken on May Day) that a friend had posted on facebook, I got it. I knew the bride feeling. Because it captures a moment where fuck how I feel about my appearance, I am embodying being the person I want to be. I am proud to live that me. I am being that best me, and I can tell. 

That will be my tomorrow. I may look fat, my hair will end up mussed, god knows about the make up and let’s hope nothing breaks/splits/falls off. But I will be a bride. I will be marrying the girl I love and making public the commitment, the marriage that I do and will celebrate every day. It’s a little thing, but perhaps that is the big thing. 

Here’s to those tomorrows. I can’t wait. 

New Year’s Resolutions 2017

For the record… 

1. Take more pride in my health and appearance
2. Make an effort to make our strained world a better place

3. Make a list of old friends and write to them

4. Learn to use the camera’s manual settings. 

5.  Celebrate my marriage to Caroline. 


Startlingly, in just under six months I will be turning 25.

Bloody hell, doesn’t that sound old! Quarter of a century, next stop 30/40/grave, etc. But to be honest I’m quite happy with it. I feel comfortable where I am and happy laying bricks towards the pathway that’s gradually opening up before me. I think these next couple of years are going to be beyond exciting.

But with time ticking on, I do find I am happy with what I’ve been achieving so far – however, I feel it would be foolish not to try and squeeze in a bit more. This summer is the first and last span-of-months I will have ‘off’ in many years! So, why not try some things? Some are already in progress, and some are things I want to do again, and some are totally new…

Here is my list of ’25 things to do before 25′:

  1.  Finally finish my bloody BA!
  2.  Run a significant distance
  3.  Learn to use a camera properly
  4.  Learn a jig
  5.  Swim in a pond
  6.  Quilt something
  7.  Flavour alcohol
  8.  Eat something I have grown
  9.  Attempt Go Ape in Battersea Park
  10.  Make an introduction of The Parents
  11.  Drink only water for a month
  12.  Enter something in a competition
  13.  Finish five fiction books
  14.  Take a weekend away
  15.  Ice a cake in a spectacular fashion
  16.  Watch all seven Star Wars films
  17.  Sleep with friends under the stars
  18.  Listen to Cabin Pressure
  19.  Go to the tennis at Queen’s (just down the road from our house…)
  20.  Visit a non-conventional cinema
  21.  Carve vegetables
  22.  Brew something
  23.  Take a tour of London
  24.  Nail at least ten new tunes from memory
  25.  Visit one of London’s quirky cafe/bars




Most people in my life now know that at the start of this year my favourite girl and I took a big step towards our future life together – we’ve each a ring on our finger, and we’ll be getting married next year.

It’s big news, and it’s slightly scary news, but it’s also the most exciting news that is truly happy news. Another excellent adventure to have together… I’d say that I’m looking forward to it, but truthfully I’m enjoying it very much already.

London Walks: Lumiere

So, in keeping with the dreaded New Year’s Resolutions, January saw us take to the streets of London to explore London’s first Lumiere festival.

In the end, we split the walk over two evenings – which seemed wise when we learned how over-crowded things had gotten on the Saturday. We wandered around the King’s Cross area of the Lumiere on the Saturday night, and despite a bit of mizzley rain had a wonderful time. The lights were pretty fabulous – we particularly enjoyed the circus that lit up CSM.


It was pretty damn cold – well, mostly because it’s been so unseasonably balmy up ’til now – but we didn’t fancy the queues to get inside anywhere or imbibe warming drinks, so we pressed on with the light crawl. Over the two nights we got to 27 of the 31 installations, which we didn’t think was bad going! A couple we apparently went past and failed to notice… whoops!

Sunday we took a walk up from Charing Cross, having been stopped there for study and dinner during the day, through Leiceister Square’s glowing garden to Regent/Oxford Street and down into Mayfair. I got rather over-excited in the first instance by luminescent balloon dogs and their poop, which rather set the tone for the evening.


I didn’t get a good photo of them, but one of my favourite pieces was the floating island of bottles in the Trafalgar fountains. The work at Westminster Abbey was beautiful – the light illuminating the columns and figures was gentle but vibrant, in such a way that it seemed as though it had been painted on. Another was the floating dragonesque fish that danced above Regent Street, we spent a very long time gazing up at them and taking millions of photos. I pretty much had to be dragged away by a Caroline and Nick with blue toes.


Through the whole event it was great to just be with people, walking around and appreciating our city. And I say ‘our city’ because most of the people we encountered were local (or local-ish) like us. And that was just… really nice. Often when we go out to London’s exciting sites it’s just tourists, which is great, but it was lovely to feel the solidarity in appreciating where we live. Especially as a few of the installations were actually permanent features of our city. Unfortunately did mean that we weren’t the only ones clued in to the shortcuts and little-known toilet locations – queuing abounded!

The Lumiere was really impressive, and I’m really glad that we went (it was a bit touch-and-go at one point because COLD). The work was beautifully executed and the whole thing was just delightful to explore. Hopefully the future walks will be just as much a success!

New Year’s Resolutions 2.0

So, in my last post (and this will make three already this year – don’t think we’ve seen this flurry of activity since about 2012…) I outlined my five New Year’s Resolutions, a nice round number of achievable things for 2016…

Nori’s New Year’s Resolutions 2016

  1. Blog twelve times.
  2. Make an effort to take care of my body.
  3. Explore London by taking a walk with Caroline each month.
  4. Capture a photo for every day (documented athttp://blipfoto.com/strangledduck)
  5. Take steps to build a positive future.

Well, here comes number six.

6. Keep in touch and connect myself with others

While I’m still working on the other five (actually taken some steps there – shocking!) I’d like to add a focus to this year for getting ‘connected’. I am blessed with many many lovely people in my life, but also with many many opportunities and experiences that have led to much of my day-to-day for a long while now being something of a whirlwind. I do have a lot on – full time study and nearly-full-time work, as well as building a life with Caroline, family commitments, and trying to keep myself fed, clothed, and watered. It’s a wee bit tiring, to say the least.

But at the same time I want to make a point to keep (and in many cases, get back) in touch with my friends. I know so many of you wonderful people and you do mean a lot to me, even though it’s  been a while. So yeah, in a way the ball’s in your court a bit here – but send me a message, drop a comment, tell me an awful joke, and we’ll see where we can catch up. I promise to make an effort to see/speak/write to you, and I’ll try to contact everyone but will no doubt suck at it –  so give a nudge if you fancy ‘connecting’ again.


New Year’s Resolutions

Since I head back to work today, I guess it’s high time I actually decided on some New Year’s Resolutions.

So, here’s five. They aren’t exactly SMART targets (to use the #schoollyf jargon) because I wanted to leave them deliberately vague so that there might be a variety of ways to keep them which can be played with and evolve over the year – so I’ll probably keep you posted (if #1 goes well) and who knows what adventures they shall lead to or what they’ll look like in 12 months time…

Nori’s New Year’s Resolutions 2016

  1. Blog twelve times.
  2. Make an effort to take care of my body.
  3. Explore London by taking a walk with Caroline each month.
  4. Capture a photo for every day (documented at http://blipfoto.com/strangledduck)
  5. Take steps to build a positive future.